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Alpha Foodie

Alpha Foodie

The new Alpha Foodie Collection is an exciting collaboration between Royal Albert and Samira Kazan also known as Alpha Foodie, a London based recipe developer, food photographer and blogger. Through her highly successful blog, Samira shares her obsession with plant-based recipes, flowers and London living.

As an Oxford graduate studying post-doctoral research in Neurology in London, Samira regularly found herself distracted around 11am, having skipped breakfast. She decided to solve this problem with a combination of culinary curiosity, experimentation and artistry. The result was Alpha Foodie, which combines her love of pink, mathematics and travel in a food blog and Instagram account with over half a million followers. As Samira says: “My life seems to be very colourful and I love my food to be colourful too as the eyes eat first”

Royal Albert brings both colour and its 100-year tradition of creating floral patterns in fine bone china to this collection with a beautiful range of tea orientated gift items in pink and turquoise. Each piece is decorated with stylistically fresh and fun photographic patterns of fruit and flowers inspired by Samira’s stunning recipes and photography. The designs were co-created and chosen by her loyal followers who voted for their favourite to reflect the essence of Alpha Foodie.

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