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New Country Roses Pink

New Country Roses Pink

Embrace a contemporary take on a classic with the New Country Roses Pink collection. A modern adaptation of the original and best New Country Roses design, this new twist sees the statement signature floral pattern sit atop a stunning soft pink backdrop for a girlish demeanour and delightful appeal. Crafted to superior quality from fine bone china, this compilation of pieces is vibrant and vivacious, featuring a gorgeous vintage pattern in a soft brushed finish. A charmingly fashioned afternoon tea set, classic forms meet intricate detailing with vibrant colours and a lustrous gold rim. Mix and match pieces such as cups and saucers with dessert plates to create your very own pink tea party set to sit with friends for the most perfect afternoon-tea setting. Beautifully finished teapots will pour your favourite flavours into delicate teacups that rest atop of matching saucers for a modern decadence that boasts a youthful touch.

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